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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horoscope prediction analysis & Answers - 00001

Question & Answers - based on the horoscope prediction

Dear Sir.
I came across your website and find it to be very useful.Please find below is my details.

My details
TIme 9.30AM
Date 13-11-1982
Place Pondicherry
Please cast my horoscope and please answer the following.
i have two questions.

I am B.Tech and MBA graduate still jobless.....

1.Presently I am jobless,when will i get a permanent job?Please mention the time period.
2.Do i have a chance to get govt job.

I am deep trouble.Kindly help me out.


Tamil Astro Group team's analysis & Answer

Dear Mr. Rathinavel,

Due to heavier demand during the festival season, we could not reply to you intime. Apologies for that.

Now let us come to your horoscope.

Your's is a very very rare / unique horoscope - All the Grahas are placed in a such a way.

As per your birth date and time - You have Dhanur lagna & Thula rasi
All the Grahas and lagna are placed between Raaghu & Kethu.
After 30 years of age only - you will get the benefits what you deserve. But, you have 6 Grahas - in a single house & there is an absolute war among them (Graha Yutha) - which leads to no Grahas have the power. Only - Sun (Suriyan) is powerful but he is in his most destuctive house. (Neesa Veedu)

In general, you have the ability to study well - due to Sun+ mercury connection.
You will live comfortable - but on your own fundamentals.Upto 21 yrs of age - you might have enjoyed your life. But this was as per your terms - not for the others.

Now the time is not so favourable - as the Saturn's 7 and half term has started to you recently.

Our advice - at this time is - Never try for own business. You should not think for atleast another 5 years. After that you can be successful. even upto 5 to 6 different business.
Now put your sincere efforts - and try to get job some where.

For getting the Government job - is very difficult for you. You can give it up, if you are trying.

If you have the habit of taking Non-veg & drinks - You should not think of it atleast for saturday. Before you do breakfast, serve the food to the Crows - if possible daily.

This horoscope is structured - due to illegal sex relationships of your forefathers & lot of womens' cursings. In your own previous jenma - you might have done a sin - equal to murder. You have sarpa dhosa too.

All you have to do

As much as you can - do Anna Dhana - for the poor and disabled persons. You should do atleast once in a week - for one person - who is physically handicapped.

This is the only way you can reduce your curses & gain some positives in your life.

Also, you have to visit - Thirukalahasti, Thirunageswaram, Keelperumpallam - for Sarpa dhosa nivarthi ( To relieve from you the Raghy / Kethu stresses )
To visit Thiruvidaimaruthur - for Brahmahathi dhosa nivarthi
To visit - Thirunallaru - for Saturn's blessings

We can see the only positive way - as of now is - As Guru Dhasa has started to you - Now you are in such a position that - You are likely interested to know what is happening to you & what is real life. You will be inclined to know the traditional values & Shastra analysis.

All the best Mr. Rathinavel! Keep your will power and fight well. You will definitely succeed in your life. Have more faith in God & do something good for the society. You should avoid all the mischievous things. Don't get panic on thinking about your horoscope. Every body is born - based on their own Pava (bad things) & Punya (good things) , in their previous jenmas. They have to live their life of they deserve. Start gain from this moment onwards by doing good things, as much you can. You will see the changes - slowly.

As we see the horoscope - is a unique one & we thought that it is our duty that we can help you to lead your life in a good way, we have anlaysed and told you the above things.
Otherwise, we would have just answered only for your two questions. Its upto you, to take it or leave it.

Our Astro team , sincerely pray the God - for your betterment in life & wishing you all the best. Do not hesitate to revert back to us, if you have any more queries.

With best compliments,

TEAM - Tamil Astro Group

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today, Saturn planet transits from Leo to Virgo.Saturn has been crossing Virgo zodiac part from 26.9.2009 to 15.11.2011.
Each and Every Cancer zodiac sign man and woman feel free from this day.Yes!Saturn planet evicted from them.So,Cancer zodiac sign men and women will be growing their life.They must get good job or business.
India's Independent astro-sign is Cancer.So,INDIA will become a super power country.It will be a self-Reliance country in world politics.
More Experienced Hindu Astrologers said about INDIA.
'INDIA and HINDU RELIGION has been growing with boom from this day.Because,HINDU ERA is beginning from this century.An Indian Warrior with deep patriotism will be sworn INDIA on or before 2011AD.He will be a Dicdator for Self-Reliance country.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Om Namo Ganapathaye!

Om Ekha Dhat Purushaya Vitmahe!
Vakhra thundaya Thee mahi
Thanno thanthi Pra chodayath.

Hi All!

This site is being started by the team of experts in astrology - tamil horoscope and spiritual values. Viewers can send the queries by e-mail. Our experts team will analyse your horoscope and will revert back to your mail id. Whoever sending queries, must send the copy of the horoscope both Rasi and Amsam & the current Dhasa and Buthi . Whoever don't have the horoscope , can send the details of Birth date, time, birth place , nearest metro town in which direction and distance (kms) and country.

Astro seva is done on Absolutely 100% free of cost basis.

Site will also have the lot of info on hidden truths & mythology.

All you have to do is, be our subscriber & we will send you all the updation in our site. Send your queries in post a comment / you can send mails to for queries and attachment files. Also, you can share about your own experiences. Interesting and genuine info will be published here for the benefit of society and mankind.

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